The Company enjoys a unique position in the Australian defence industry environment and has the demonstrated potential to contribute considerably to the enhancement of clients’ business opportunities by the provision of consultancy services.

Such a contribution is supported by LOPAC’s ability to provide:

  • Strategic Assessments
  • National/Departmental Assessments
  • Defence Major Project Forecasts
  • Future Project Analyses
  • Current Project Analyses/Client Prospects
  • Contractor Assessments

Given application of these services, a primary LOPAC task is to create the best environment possible for the presentation and selection of clients’ capabilities and products. This activity is underwritten by the Company’s extensive experience and knowledge of Australian Defence policies, procedures and operational requirements.

LOPAC has also provided engineering consultancy, technical and associated services to the Department of Defence, the Australian Defence Force and major prime contractors.

LOPAC is accredited to AS/NZS ISO 9001 for the provision of Consultancy, Project Management, Training and In Service Support services.

Joint Venture Capability

LOPAC regularly participates in relevant joint ventures to provide synergistic capabilities for specific projects.

The Company also has a demonstrated capability to engage and manage specialist consultants and sub-contractors for particular opportunities and tasks.