LOPAC’s demonstrated capability for the cost-effective professional representation of overseas companies is based on our corporate experience and success, the calibre of our people and their constant engagement within Defence.

Australian Industry Involvement Services

Available services encompass the full spectrum of project management and optimisation of Australian and New Zealand industry involvement including:

  • Sub-Contractor Identification and Assessment
  • Sub-Contractor Qualification
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Quality Control and Assurance
  • Tests and Trials
  • Acceptance into Service
  • Through Life Support

Scope of Defence Industry Services

Strategic Aspects

LOPAC is able to provide strategic overviews of Australia’s current and future security postures in the South East Asian/South West Pacific region. The capability is based on principals’ Defence experience, current activity and involvement in a variety of academic and institutional forums.

LOPAC’s views are not at variance with published Government policy, but the Company is able to interpret, expand and elicit the commercial implications of policy statements and evolving longer term Defence policy.

National / Departmental Aspects Force Structure Plans

Given a strategic overview, LOPAC is able to advise on the long term Defence force structure plans and their likelihood of achievement. In particular, the principal elements of the Defence Integrated Investment Plan can be categorised and assessed.

Defence Organisation and Processes

LOPAC maintains an intimate, ongoing knowledge of the organisation and decision making and procurement processes of the Department of Defence and the Australian Defence Force. The Company is able to identify trends in management and command arrangements which will impact on the methodology of Defence business.

Current and Future Points of Influence

Advice can be provided on organisations, agencies and personalities that currently influence Defence business, future trends and their interrelationships.

Defence Integrated Investment Plan Analysis

From a basis of strategic assessment and longer term force structure analyses, the Company can advise on the likely major capital project program and provide considered judgement on the nature, extent and influences aspects for a particular project.

Future Project Analysis

Future projects can be analysed to provide:

  • likely timescale
  • extent in terms of funds, complexity, overseas content, etc
  • points of influence
  • potential contenders
  • likely successful contractors
  • relevant potential Australian industry participants

Current Project Analysis / Client Prospects

Analysis of current, approved projects can be provided in terms of:

  • description, content, vulnerabilities, time scale
  • project organisation
  • influence points
  • competitor comparison
  • progress reports
  • likely outcome

Contractor Assessment

Advice is also available on principal defence industry contractors, both indigenous and offshore, in regard to their:

  • capability
  • activity
  • organisation and personalities as known
  • Australian affiliations

Establishment of Australian Entities and In Country Support

LOPAC has considerable experience in scoping, establishing and assisting to manage wholly owned Australian subsidiaries of Northern Hemisphere defence companies including Cubic Defence Australia and Supacat Pty Ltd.

LOPAC has a detailed knowledge of the local corporate regulatory environment, both financial and legal, and of the recruitment, remuneration and employment conditions applicable to Australian defence industry.

We have established and assisted the management of several companies for the delivery, Australian industry participation, introduction into service, and support for a number of systems including SATCOM equipment for the ADF and Special Operation Capability for Army.

Specialist Consultancies

LOPAC has a proven and demonstrated capability to identify, cost effectively engage, and manage specialist consultants for specific client tasks.

We have also engaged with SME to create teams to bid and win Defence programs and to provide the subsequent through life support.