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Defence representation and consulting company. defence consulting, representation defence project management Australian defence industry consultants. The capability is based on principals' Defence experience, current activity and involvement in a variety of academic and institutional forums.

LOPAC consulting Canberra views are not at variance with published Government policy, but the Company is able to interpret, expand and elicit the commercial implications of policy statements and evolving longer term Defence policy.

LOPAC consultants & management defence consultancy canberra Australia provides:

Lopac defence consultancy australia

Defence representation & procurement Australia. We provide consultation for defence project management for the Australian defence industry procurement process.

Defence Consultancy Australia

LOPAC Management Consultancy maintains an intimate, sound knowledge of the organisation and decision making,consultants and procurement processes of the Department of Defence and the Australian Defence Force.

LOPAC Consulting Pty Limited
Canberra Technology Park
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ACN 150 667 486

Representation • Consulting • Project Management • Training • Support

LOPAC Consulting

LOPAC Consulting provides a range of services to overseas companies who wish to gain contracts with the Australian Government and in particular, the Department of Defence.

Our services include:

  • Defence industry representation
  • Consultancy
  • Project management
  • Specialist training
  • In service support

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LOPAC Consulting is accredited to AS/NZS ISO 9001 for the provision of Consultancy, Project Management, Training and In Service Support services.


Our recent achievements include rapid capability acquisitions for the ADF and Special Operation capability enhancements for Army.



LOPAC Consulting Pty Limited
Canberra Technology Park
Suite D214, 49 Phillip Ave
Watson ACT Australia 2602

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